Welcome to the Stracke Family website. Our family’s home base is in Upstate NY, however we are currently spread out over the globe. Lothar and Gabriele are taking a hard-earned free trip around the world, courtesy of frequent flier miles. (Seriously, Lothar’s collecting miles is almost a part-time job for him.) Carsten is in his first year of medical school at St. George’s Unversity, studying often, and scuba diving occasionally. (or is it the other way around? :grin: ) Sonja is in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar, entrusted with teaching German high school students the intricacies of the English language. In order to stay connected (and to reduce international phone bills) we all have blogs that we update on a relatively frequent basis. You can read excerpts of the latest posts here, or go to each individual blog for full posts. This site will be further developed when I get some more time… (In about 7-11 years.) :???: -Carsten

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